Business Partners Limited is delighted to be the founder of this inspirational competition 28 years ago.

Business Partners Limited invests in viable businesses and in the 35 years of its existence has helped finance over 70 000 transactions with small and medium sized businesses to the tune of R16 million. Some of them grew to become big businesses.  Many became solid sustainable businesses in their specialist fields of activity or within the community within which they operate.  Many became part of bigger groups where the efficiencies within the small business could be rolled over into a much bigger business.  All of these are wonderful role models of what can be done and are all winners in their own right.  However to really honour entrepreneurs by way of the award “Entrepreneur of the Year®” is the ultimate acknowledgement every entrepreneur could aspire to.

This award is not only about success, but also about how to overcome disappointment and challenges that could not be foreseen or prevented.  We have found that true entrepreneurs re-invent themselves all the time and also remain humble with their feet on the ground.

Business Partners Limited is delighted to be associated with such quality people who play such a pivotal role in making the economic engine turning faster, smoother and more sustainable.

The Business Partners Limited offering

Business Partners Limited is a specialist risk finance company for formal small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa, and selected African countries. The company actively supports entrepreneurial growth by providing financing, specialist sectorial knowledge and added-value services for viable small and medium businesses.

What sets us apart ― the Business Partners’ difference

Over the past 30+ years, we have tailored every aspect of our business to ensure your success. Here are some of the ways we do this:

  • Our products and services are specifically tailored to meet your unique needs.
  • We don’t have the same owner’s capital or security requirements that many other financial institutions do.
  • Our range of financing and added-value services provide an integrated solution for you, catering for all aspects of your business needs, including property broking and property management, as well as consulting and mentorship services.
  • As we specialise in investing capital, skills and knowledge in entrepreneurs, our staff have in-depth knowledge of the SME sector, as well as insight into the challenges facing independent businesses.
  • Our risk financing model is regarded as one of the most innovative in the world and has been internationally accepted as a working financing solution for SMEs in developing countries.
  • Similarly, our due diligence process is thorough, tried and tested; therefore providing insight into the extent of inherent risk in each deal.
  • Our systems and processes have earned us an ISO 9001:2008 accreditation – the first financial services company in South Africa to be accredited in this way.