How to raise profit margins without losing customers

By Ben Bierman Managing Director at Business Partners Limited The beginning of the year is the ideal time for small and medium enterprise (SME) owners to explore additional revenue streams and other means of increasing their profit margins. However, this process is expected to still present some challenges for SME owners owing to South Africa’s […]

Improve turnover by increasing the monetary value of sales

By Jannie Rossouw Head: Sanlam Business Market To improve the quality of business decisions we need basic sales information. For the purpose of this article we require the average rand value per sale in our business. The premise is that, if we can increase the number on average, our turnover and ultimately our profits should […]

Past winner catch-up – where are they now?

2018 marks our 30th year in honouring entrepreneurs and the contributions they make toward growing the South African economy. We’re celebrating this milestone by catching up with some of the past winners of the competition. Catching up with: Kim Whitaker Winning year: Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year® – 2015 Winning business: Once in Cape Town […]

Entrepreneurial pearls of wisdom

The 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year® winners share their advice for turning 2018 into a success When it comes to being an entrepreneur, there is no sure template to follow or instruction manual to refer to, and no two journeys will ever be exactly the same. There are, however, parallels that can be drawn and […]

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