From stand-up to start-up: How top entrepreneur’s comedic insights shaped his business

Long before the concept social media influencer became ubiquitous, a young marketer in London started planning his return to South Africa to start his own agency to help brands harness the power of internet virality through popular social media personalities.  His foresight paid off remarkably. Today, after a “wild” decade of surfing the upheaval of […]

Fake News Damage Control for SMEs

Events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent spate of riots have demonstrated how fake news can have far-reaching effects, not only on individuals but on businesses. “Fake news,” a neologism of the digital age, began as a social media phenomenon and has come to describe the proliferation of false content posing as news. […]

Innovator leads local retailers’ embrace of ecommerce

Wynand Geldenhuys was still at school when he sold his first computer programme. It was to the owner of a cell phone shop who wanted a computer-based repairs booking system, and Wynand, who fell in love with computer coding at 16, had no problem writing the programme.   At that stage he had no idea that […]

Five questions to consider before going into business with family or friends

Almost every aspiring entrepreneur gets their chance to weigh up whether it is a good idea to have a close friend or family member as a business partner. The answer is not always simple and almost always varies from scenario to scenario, and person to person. There is certainly a reason why the adage, “never […]

Pioneering duo opens new path in marketing industry

As ad agency CEO, Taryn Hunter Sharman knew how to spot talent, and had more than once tried to convince a young marketer, Perri King, to join Ebony+Ivory which she ran. Perri, who was carving a career for herself in the corporate sector, always turned her down, mostly because the pay could not match whatever […]

Negotiating a fair trade exchange – what businesses should know

Maintaining a constant stream of cashflow is a common challenge that many businesses experience. Strategic business partnerships involving a barter exchange (the direct exchange of goods and services for other goods or services) can, however, be a great alternative solution for preserving much-needed working capital. If done correctly, a barter system can help less established […]

Bright future ahead for fast-growing lighting company

It is hard to imagine a more difficult time start to a business than that of Mario Roos’s experience with his lighting and energy company LighTec, a finalist in the 2019 Business Partners Ltd Entrepreneur of the Year® competition.  The initial spark was a massive fall-out that Mario had with his employer. He was general manager […]

Finding the right mentor to help grow your business

Any business owner worth his salt can acknowledge the fact that there is always something new to learn about their business or market. Especially when starting a new company and guiding it through its initial years of operation, the value of learning from other, more experienced entrepreneurs, cannot be overstated.  However, finding a suitable mentor […]

Fabulous fashion brand built dress by dress

Malesela “Ouma” Tema’s Plus Fab fashion brand started long before she knew it, when she began shopping for fashion at the turn of the century just like all of her teenage peers. None of the popular clothing chains catered for her size, and the one business that did was far from fashionable. Ouma was young and […]

Are your workplace COVID protocols up to scratch?

With the start of the 2021 commercial year coinciding with the peak of South Africa’s second wave of COVID-19 infections, the Department of Employment and Labour has called on local businesses to ensure that their workplaces are still following all required safety measures and protocols. After all, it may be a new year, but the pandemic is […]

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