Efficiency can lead to success

Organisations that approach things with order, common sense, consistency and persistence will ultimately succeed. If you are going to deliver on your promise you have to learn to listen to what and how you may deliver on your promise.

Businesses are often consumed in their actions and forget to take time to evaluate their service or product delivery. Customer’s needs and expectations may have changed and if the organisation is too set in its ways, the opportunity may be lost. Listening is a skill and like any other skill, the less attention you give to it, the more mistakes you make. One sure way of ensuring sustainability is by being efficient and the source of efficiency may be to listen to customers, motivate staff, having suitable technology, finding your niche etc.

By being more efficient you can eliminate returns and re-doing the work, this can result in huge cost savings. Successful entrepreneurs know the importance of system and controls. They are prepared to invest time and money into this as they know that by getting the systems and controls in place; their business can thrive, thereby ensuring long term sustainability of the business.

Getting an outsiders perspective of the entire operation may not be a bad idea. Sometimes an outsider in a form of a consultant may bring in new ideas and ways to improve the business processes. While small businesses often struggle to afford the consultants, one cannot overlook the value that experts can bring to the business.

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