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1. Which Entrepreneur of the Year competition category / categories do you believe is/are the best fit for your business entity?

2. Give a brief the history of your business: please include information on why and how was it established, who was involved in its establishment?

3. What products and/or services does your business offer? Has there been any innovation involved in the product development and/or service offering? How do you differentiate your product and/or services from your competitors?

4. As business owner, briefly describe how you have proven entrepreneurial ability and management skills.

5. Marketing is a vital part of any business, what marketing and sales strategy have you adopted in your business to make it successful?

6. Please explain who makes up your business's client or customer base. How did you acquire this customer base? How do you keep them loyal to your business?

7. Does your business implement any corporate social investment (CSI) project/s? If yes, please tell us about this project/ these projects and why you select to support it/them - what impact does your business want to make through this project / these projects?

8. In what aspects has your business excelled in its industry to make you, the business owner/s, worthy of being the Entrepreneur of the year winner/s?

9. In what aspects have you, the business owner/s, excelled in business to make you worthy of being the Entrepreneur of the Year winner/s?

10. How have the jobs your business has created impacted your operating environment e.g. community, province, etc.? In your answer, please indicate both permanent jobs and temporary employment opportunities.

Where did you hear about the Entrepreneur of the Year competition?

*On signing, you agree to be part of any publicity or news articles as part of the competition. You also agree to receive communication from the EOY team and sponsors from time to time. The EOY team retains the right to conduct site visits to your business premises as part of the judging process for the competition. Competition finalists may be required to attend a training session one day before the awards ceremony. Please note that the judges reserve the right to allocate the appropriate competition category for all entries. Should your entry qualify to proceed into the second phase of the EOY competition, we may request your financial statements and further company information.

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