The judging process is completely independent and our panel of five judges represent different areas of the business community.

The evaluation process runs through three different filtering processes, or stages, which ensure that all are checked and rechecked to remove human error and subjectivity.

These stages include:

  • Preliminary screening of the entry forms to shortlist within the three main categories of emerging entrepreneur, small business entrepreneur and medium business entrepreneur.
  • Financial information and supporting documents are requested from this list. The data requested gives the judges very important and critical information which they need in order to make a complete and holistic judgment on the candidate being reviewed. From here finalists are chosen.
  • The judging process is completed by an interview with each finalist to ensure that any questions or issues needing clarity are addressed. An on-site visit at the businesses may also be conducted.

This in-depth judging process culminates in 6 winners being announced and honoured at our awards ceremony in September.