Methods to create leads for your business

The pipeline of any business needs to be continuously filled with new client prospects. Options are a dime a dozen – the real challenge is to find the ones which lead to the best business outcomes for your type of business.

It is of paramount importance to track and measure the outcomes and success of every marketing element you apply in your business. In this way you can determine what works and then redirect marketing spend to these marketing elements.

Here are 5 lead generation options to consider for your business:

1. School newsletter advertisements

Most schools have more than 1 000 children in attendance. Schools normally publish a quarterly newsletter to keep parents informed about school activities. Most of them also make use of advertisers to co-sponsor the cost of the newsletter. It is a very inexpensive way to promote your business if your product/service is focused on a retail customer base. You can ‘sweeten’ the deal by offering a discount or upsell option when parents provide you with a copy of the advertisement. The cost for an advertisement or A5 insert is mostly a couple of hundred rand per newsletter batch.

2. Business branding (building and vehicles)

A well-branded building, office or business vehicle goes far in making your business visible in the area in which you operate. Most of us can cite examples where we needed a service and whilst on the road saw a vehicle or a building/office which does exactly what we require. If the contact number and website details are clearly visible, it makes it easy for people to write it down or take a picture.

3. In shopping centre signage

Use an A-frame stand with a catchy heading or offer and with an arrow pointing in the direction of your shop. This is useful when your shop is situated in a place with less passing feet. You do, however, need the permission of the centre/mall management.

4. Stickers and fridge magnets

I first saw this tactic after a local electrician completed electrical work at my home. He stuck a sticker with their contact details on the electricity supply board. Now I knew where to get hold of them the next time I needed the services of an electrician. You can also apply this option by writing a brief note to introduce your business to potential clients and adding a sticker/fridge magnet to the note. Use the services of a graphic designer to develop an enticing sticker or fridge magnet.

5. Mutually beneficial campaigns

You already know of businesses that do not compete with yours, but service clients in your target market. You can develop a proposal, which can be mutually beneficial, by offering to pay the other business to e-mail your offer to their clients, to share a referral fee with them on all concluded new business on the back of their mail-out and even offer to do the same for them on your client base. The premise is that client information is recorded.

“You are out of business if you don’t have a prospect!” – Zig Ziglar, American author, salesman, and motivational speaker

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