Monageng Petrus Legae Jr.

Bontle ke Botho Consulting (Pty) Ltd t/a Sopema Funeral Services

Sopema Funeral Services was founded by Monageng Petrus Legae Senior in 1988 with the goal of offering respectable funeral services that were affordable to all people, including those with limited financial means. Today, the company is managed by Monageng Petrus Legae Junior, who continues to propel the founding vision forward while keeping abreast with the ever-evolving customer needs.

Historically, the family has owned and operated funeral service businesses, which have typically remained regional. But under Monageng Junior’s direction, Sopema Funeral Services has expanded to provide clients with services all over Gauteng and offers national repatriation. Aiming to expand to have a national presence, Monageng Junior’s visionary leadership is shattering the ceiling of family business norms.

Sopema Funeral Services provides value-added burial products in addition to funeral and burial supplies. As a township-based company, they give careful thought to product and service design to meet the cultural needs of the target market. The burial supplies are reasonably priced and meet all fundamental cultural burial requirements. The top-up benefits enable customers to set aside a small sum each month to lessen the financial burden of funeral preparation.

Monageng Junior has made it a point to build an innovative and sustainable company. The organisational structures put in place make sure that customers are treated excellently and that downstream businesses keep their promises to them.

The company has expanded from having just one branch to having three branches in Soweto under the direction of Monageng Junior. They recently opened a branch in a building that was formerly a bank. Being able to take over a structure that was previously reserved for a business of high stature was a major accomplishment for the company.

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