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Why you received this email

Jan Steenkamp, Sanlam's Executive Head, and Christo Botes, Business Partners Executive Director
Jan Steenkamp, Sanlam, and Christo Botes, Business Partners Ltd, unveiling the competition logo

You might be wondering how yet another email newsletter made it into your inbox. The answer is rather simple: the new Sanlam/Business Partners Entrepreneur of the Year® initiative wants to speak to you, as a SME decision maker in South Africa.

Our new monthly newsletter, EOY, is sent to a database of our clients, intermediaries, mentors and interested parties.

EOY provides business owners and professionals operating in the SME space with information relevant to their daily lives. This includes a Q&A section where you can ask professionals from a wide range of industries how to overcome a particular challenge your business faces.

Our Ambassador Blog relates the experience of well known entrepreneurs in the country and will make for interesting and stimulating reading.

EOY will also feature profiles of entrants to the competition - the individuals profiled are all highly successful business owners. Their experiences will provide you with useful information and advice to implement in your daily business life.

We will also provide you with updates to the competition, as well as news and information on our workshops and SME conference.

The era of entrepreneurial excellence
New Entrepreneur of the Year® competition launches

It is easy to call someone a great entrepreneur during the good times.

But how do you define a great entrepreneur during the bad times?

Is it the business owner whose business grew during a recession or is it the small business owner that took charge of a difficult situation and applied him or herself to ensure that the business survived?

Entrepreneurship means finding new ways to overcome difficult situations; to find the answers that elude most people.

Entrepreneurship means taking the difficult and usually lonely route outside of a set business environment. You do not have a boss and there is no one who makes the rules for you.

You, as the business' owner and as an entrepreneur have to decide what will work and what will not. When you make a mistake, there is no one else to blame. It is these people that Business Partners and Sanlam's Entrepreneur of the Year® award will honour - the self made men and women who have sleepless nights and strive for financial freedom through blood, sweat and tears.

2010 sees a dramatic change to the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year® awards as the competition is opened up to all entrepreneurs in South Africa.
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