Business Blog: Luck of the draw

Human's have little understanding of the random events that influence every aspect of their life. So says Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book Fooled by Randomness. In it, he describes how we attribute much of our success - or lack thereof - solely to our own efforts, ability and choices, when in fact random events are at play. Good abilities and choices will give us a certain amount of success, but these do not explain fully why we are where we are.

Contain the clash
How to close deals and deal with conflict

It is natural for people to try win at all costs and get all the benefits stemming from a deal It is natural for people to try win at all costs and get all the benefits stemming from a deal.
In any business, partnership or joint venture, there will be conflict.

Mostly, SME decision makers will enter the fray thinking of the outcome in terms of winners and losers.

Similarly, when these decision makers enter into negotiations with a potential partner, client or supplier, the battle lines are often drawn around who will win and who will lose.

The Entrepreneur of the Year® Project management team will be running workshops around the country during July to September 2010. The 7 workshops will cover pertinent topics for the South African Entrepreneur. The best treat though is that Michael Jackson (the other Michael Jackson) will be the guest speaker and MC for these events.

EOY entrant: An SME fairytale
Humble beginnings lead to business success

Cynthia Gcuwa, Pick n Pay franchisee Cynthia Gcuwa, Pick n Pay franchisee.
Not so long ago, a girl stood outside Upington's airport. The security guards would not let her onto the premises but all the young Cynthia Gcuwa wanted to do was to look at the airline hostesses.

She believed that she too would one day travel in the iron birds, making passengers feel welcome and comfortable.

Only half of Gcuwa's dream came true when she boarded a plane many years later. She was not a stewardess but a passenger on the way to one of the most important meetings of her life.

"It was everything I imagined," the Pick n Pay franchisee says.

EOY entrant: The helping hand
Entrepreneur follows passion to business success

Samantha Sharkey and the Long Mountain Caterers & Bakery team whom she mentors Samantha Sharkey and the Long Mountain Caterers & Bakery team whom she mentors.
When you make your passion your business, money no longer becomes the prime motivator.

Rather, you endeavour to be the best possible entrepreneur while making some money in the process.

"I have been in Robertson (in the Western Cape) for 22 years now and have worked with the local communities. I felt I have a lot to offer the people in the area who have a huge educational deficit and make a difference," Samantha Sharkey says.
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