Business Blog: The balancing act

Celebrating entrepreneurial excellence is one of our key objectives. In difficult times entrepreneurs show their true quality. The reality check after the Soccer World Cup 2010 is now upon us and entrepreneurs are not excluded from this.

The kind of business that small and medium enterprises are involved in are mainly within two categories of customers, namely:
  • the consumer
  • and business in general

The challenge of change
Michael Jackson lifts the veil

Business-to-business speaker Michael Jackson Business-to-business speaker Michael Jackson
Change is a constant.
Whether you are a hermit living in an isolated cave, or a successful entrepreneur in a metropolis, change exists.

While the hermit might only be interested in the changing of the seasons, entrepreneurs need to be highly aware of the new variants that influence the markets they operate in.

The Sanlam / Business Partners Entrepreneur of the Year® competition is not just about honouring SME excellence but also about making a difference in the lives of decision makers around the country. The initiative has been hosting a number of workshops
and seminars around the country that tackle the daily challenges associated with
running an SME.

EOY entrant: Wonder woman
Entrepreneur tackles retail head-on

Theresa and Patrick Maher Theresa and Patrick Maher
The sun has barely crept over the horizon as Theresa Maher studies the spreadsheet in front of her.

She makes a few calculations and places a couple of orders, preparing for the day ahead.

At seven o' clock, the Heather Park Super Spar's doors will open and Maher needs to be ready to meet George's locals as they conduct their daily shopping.

The Spar is merely the latest in a number of ventures for Maher and with her husband Patrick by her side, the couple has made their mark in the business world.

EOY entrant: All systems go
Entrepreneur corners market

Jaco Louw owner of Impact ISP Jaco Louw owner of Impact ISP
SMEs deserve to have access to the same products and services big business enjoys.

So, Jaco Louw set about to make this a reality in the IT space and created Impact ISP in mid 2007.

The former corporate IT manager had worked at a number of large firms over the years and he says that small businesses simply do not have the resources to run big IT departments.
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