Business Blog: Personality power

Over the years I have literally met a few thousand entrepreneurs.

Every single one of these business owners had something to share but there are a few that stand out above the rest.

They stand out not because I remember their names or because they made a lot of money. Rather, they stand out because I have spoken about them.

When you say something good about someone, it creates an impression in the listener's mind. Some people might try to argue that they will make up their own minds independently, but the truth is that my words will have an effect.

CaRRol BoYes or Carrol Boyes?
The power of personal branding

Carrol Boyes, founder and CEO of CaRRol BoYes Functional Art Carrol Boyes, founder and CEO of CaRRol BoYes Functional Art
Carrol Boyes is the founder and CEO of CaRRol BoYes Functional Art.

The former teacher has managed to create a company that distributes in 31 countries, employs more than 450 people and has 31 company-owned and franchised stores around the globe.

While the homeware and tabletop items manufactured speak for themselves, Boyes attributes a lot of the business' success to its strong brand.

EOY entrant: Making lemonade
Brothers get business basics right

Kevin and Ricky Frankental, owners of Lemon.decor Kevin and Ricky Frankental, owners of lemon.decor
A good entrepreneur is someone who can take a fresh approach to an existing industry and carve out a market share despite the obvious obstacles.

Luckily for lemon.decor, the business has two such individuals driving it forward.

Three years ago, brothers Kevin and Ricky Frankental took R20 000 and an idea and set to work to create a customised artwork business.

This year, the business expects a R10 million turnover and customers are lining up to make use of their services.
Humble beginnings
Lemon.decor prints art and media onto laminate which in turn are used on various surfaces such as glass, mirrors, walls or plastics. This means that an ordinary restaurant chair becomes a work of art or that interior designers can offer corporate and private clients customised art solutions.

EOY entrant: Taking the plunge
Young entrepreneur meets business world head on

Samora Sipatala, Mawawa Corporate Training Samora Sipatala, owner of Mawawa Corporate Training
Samora Sipatala knew that his future lay in the entrepreneurial realm.

But, as with so many South Africans, he did not know how to make this dream a reality.

With a family to support, Sipatala tried to get a business off the ground while working full time but the day came when he had to take the plunge.
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