Shona McDonald

Shonaquip (Pty) Ltd:

A well-known business, Shonaquip (Pty) Ltd, specialises in offering wheelchairs and other mobility equipment specifically made for individuals with disabilities. The owner and founder of this significant company is Shona McDonald, a vibrant and ambitious businesswoman who has a sincere passion for enhancing the lives of people with disabilities.

Shona founded Shonaquip in 1992 because of her unwavering determination and intimate knowledge of the difficulties faced by those with mobility impairments. Her initial goal, when she first started working out of a small workshop, was to create inventive, properly fitted wheelchairs that would not only improve mobility but also encourage independence and inclusion for wheelchair users

In addition to providing top-notch mobility solutions, Shona is actively involved in social advocacy and promoting the rights of people with disabilities. She actively works with numerous organisations and government entities to influence laws that support accessibility, equality, and respect for people with mobility impairments.

To provide assistive technology to underserved communities, Shonaquip actively participates in community development initiatives, collaborating with regional organisations. Shona and her group make it a priority to attend conferences, seminars, and workshops in an effort to dispel stigmas associated with disabilities and promote an inclusive society

Shona has had a significant impact on people with disabilities and various communities across the country. Her impressive steady commitment to changing lives one wheelchair at a time is inspiring

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