Judges top 10 tips for EOY entrants

 “Our businesses are like offspring, we know them so well. We know when they need attention and focus, and we have the vision and the passion to mould them to be successful operations.”

– Ferose Oaten, entrepreneur and EOY judge.

  1. The trick with the Entrepreneur of the Year® competition is to ensure that the judges are able to visualise what the entrepreneur sees in the results and potential of the business – provide information on the criteria listed in such a way that the judges can picture the business through your eyes;
  2. Make sure that the belief and passion for your business shines through – the most successful entrants are the ones for whom motivation is never an issue;
  3. Prioritise fiscal discipline – at the end of the day, financial results are the score sheet of the past. Be able to demonstrate that you are on top of your cash flow and financial management;
  4. Be able to demonstrate the marketing strategy for your business;
  5. Be able to demonstrate that you have built up good relationships with all your stakeholders, your staff and your suppliers – even your customers’ children;
  6. Make sure that you have thought about your future strategy and have a plan going forward;
  7. Let your perseverance show;
  8. Be authentic and true to yourself and your business;
  9. Learn from other successful entrepreneurs – they’re the ones who know best;
  10. And remember – everyone is a winner!